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On January 23, 2024 (Legistar Item #23-1967), the El Dorado County Board of Directors approved an agreement with Nichols Consulting Engineers (NCE) to provide schematic planning and civil engineering design services for Phase 1 of the Forebay Community Park renovations, which will include the parking lot, access roads and entry gates, major grading, fuels management, utilities, and the playground. Parks and Facilities staff will be working together with NCE to complete this phase of the project in 2024, with the intention to commence construction in 2025. Staff is currently in communication with NCE design staff providing feedback on the provided options for the Conceptual Master Plan. Staff also conducted a site visit 5/3/2024 to provide more specific feedback to NCE around location of park amenities in relation to existing trees on the site and had a follow up visit with the consultant 5/9/2024 on site to clarify our expectation as well as discuss ultimate location of park amenities. Once the Conceptual Master Plan is complete, staff will coordinate outreach to the public for any feedback before proceeding with engineering and construction documents. The intent is to release this project for competitive bidding this winter. The community has been working to fundraise for improvements at the park, including for a senior exercise area.

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