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A Plan for Community and Beyond

As part of El Dorado County's array of recreational public assets, Forebay Community Park encompasses 13.5 beautiful acres. Pollock Pines Playground will occupy 2.5 acres and provide recreation, an outdoor venue for families and community gatherings, and a historic element to celebrate the region's colorful past. 

The desired design that the "Pollock Pines Playground People" (PPPP), a grass roots, community minded group of volunteers, is proposing to the county for consideration was created with accessibility in mind for young visitors with physical disabilities, and the safety of elder residents with mobility concerns. At the same time, Pollock Pines Playground will provide the space, equipment, and natural resources to satisfy the most active members of communities throughout the greater region.

 The project is truly rooted in the community. 

Throughout the design and development of the Pollock Pines Playground hundreds of volunteers spend countless hours dedicated to creating a landmark asset for the entire region. A site analysis guides planning, and volunteers are busy with trimming, clearing, and clean-up to make the area safe and secure for future visitors. Area businesses have also taken a keen interest in supporting the development of the Pollock Pines Playground with labor, equipment, and donations.

The unique facilities and concept will make a truly regional resource for families and individuals throughout El Dorado County. We invite you to read further to learn more about the future holds for the Pollock Pines Playground and all it offers. 

Macie Grace Foundation


CEDAPP & Stakeholders

El Dorado Co

Association of Realtors 

Pollock Pines-Camino Fire Safe Council


Multi-Generational, Inclusive, Historic, Fun


Existing Onsite Recreation Facilities:

  • Full-scale lodge with working kitchen and two ADA bathrooms

  • Professional horseshoe pits (several courts)

  • Baseball court with bleachers and a snack shop - well maintained by Snowline Little League

Click here for County Conceptual Drawing of Proposed Forebay Park Complex

  • Two inclusive, historic playgrounds. One for 2- 5 year-olds; one for 6-12 year-olds. Theme to include 1850's western town, the Pony Express, covered wagons; the Indigenous People of the region; the Gold Rush; the logging industry; and our Nature's Wonderland.

  • Pickle Ball

  • Disc Golf

  • Dog Park

  • Basketball court

  • Fitness stations

  • An 1850s town representation with 5 faces (one for storage). This asset will be constructed and maintained by the community.

  • Improvement of parking lot to ADA specifications.

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