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Coming Soon -
Pollock Pines Playground
Inclusive / Accessible / Community Centered

The Pollock Pines Playground project is a collaborative effort - with government, business, and community groups actively working together to make our dream become a reality. The Playground will occupy 2.5 acres on the currently under-utilized 13.5-acre Forebay Community Park, part of El Dorado County's Park & Recreation system. The Masterplan for this ideal land includes the development of inclusive playground design and the generation of funding sources. 

But, more importantly, is how unique and important to the community our innovative Playground and park area will be. Here are just a few exciting features: 

  • Two covered inclusive playgrounds: one for 2-5 year-olds; one for 6-12 year-olds

  • Three pickle board courts with full basketball court (multi-use)

  • Disc Golf Course

  • Large dog park with water, divided for size/energy of dogs

  • Covered family picnic area

  • New bathroom

  • A historic representation of an 1850's town to honor Indigenous People, the Pony Express, Gold Rush, the local logging industry and our exceptional natural environment.

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     EVERYONE INCLUDED! Pollock Pines Playground will be the region's only public playground that's accessible to youngsters of all abilities. Safety features and accommodations will be built-in to equipment that's specifically designed for children with physical disabilities, enabling them to enjoy a playpark just like their abled peers. And the entire park will be wheelchair friendly. 

     Bringing our community's children together in a place that's purely for fun will help build understanding, new friendships and acceptance of children whose differences often make them 'outsiders'. 

     We are also aware that our community has increasingly attracted older individuals and retired people - the slower pace of life in Pollock Pines and the friendliness of 'locals' makes a great place to enjoy our later years in life. We're making sure the playground is safe and easily enjoyed by generations of people, regardless of age and physical ability. 

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GENERATIONS WELCOME. We've designed the Pollock Pines Playground to be user friendly and enjoyable for everyone - from the youngest of children to community elders. There will be benches where folks can sit and just enjoy the natural beauty of Forebay Park and Lake, picnic grounds for extended families and friends and, of course, some of the latest and most fun playground equipment on the mountain. 

      Our playground design takes advantage of the latest engineering and planning available when it comes to public recreation. We know that our community is populated by people representing our whole human family with distinct personal backgrounds, cultural experiences, physical abilities and more. Our intention is to welcome and celebrate this diversity.

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HISTORY HONORED. In Pollock Pines we are surrounded by history and we celebrate it annually with community events like the Wagon Train. And history is also a living tradition as we still watch logging trucks traveling from mountain to mill along our winding roads. The memories of our Native People- the Nisenan, Maidu, Miwok and Washoe people are treasured. Legends from the Gold Rush are part of local lore and the Pony Express celebrated in place names and dates. That's why we're planning a facade of a Western Town to remind us of a not-too-distant past when wagon trains and saddles transported folks throughout our region. There will be many uses of this nostalgic feature and we're excited to watch it develop over time.

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